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SafetyPass Pro By FasterTruck.com



All right once and a wile I come across something that blows my mind. In this case it is the SafetyPass Pro from FasterTruck.com.

I first heard of it from a friend. I told him how I was going to quit driving because I could not stand being stuck behind idiot drivers any more. My truck was governed at 65mph for Canada but I most often drive in the states. I did not have the power to pass people fast enough, I kept getting hung out to dry in the hammer lane when letting people on the freeway, it sucked way to stressful.

He then told me about FasterTruck.com and how he had ordered a device, the SafetyPass Pro, to bypass his speed govenor on his truck. He said it works like a charm. So I decided to check it out.

I went to their website, read the Driver’s comments and found it to be very interesting. Driver’s talked about how the device is used and what it means to them to have one. They talked about an electronic device that could bypass your speed govener called the SafetyPass Pro. It would install simply discretely and be undetectable by my employer & DOT. And on that, I had to order mine… 

It arrived three days later. It came with the SafteyPassPro control unit, a main install cable, 11 feet long with weatherpack connectors on one end and RCA plugs on the other, an adapter cable, 12 inches long with metri-pack connectors was also included.

I went out to my truck and started to install it. When I looked at the back of my transmission I saw that I had two speed sensors. I did not know which one to plug into. So I emailed thier support line. They were back to me within an hour. They told me that I would need an adapter cable for two speed sensors and that they would ship one that day. It arrived two days later. Once again I went to install it, only this time it worked perfectly. Everything plugged right in. Very excited, I took it for a spin.

Holy Crap! It works so much better than I would ever have thought. The difference is like night and day versus a speed governor! I just set the knob just below my governed speed, which is 65mph for me. So, I set the device at 63mph and away I go passing slower drivers quick & easy. No more will I be left to hang out in the fast lane blocking traffic. In fact, I don’t even think about it anymore. And guess what, my employer has not a clue because all speed data is controlled by the driver…

So now you know why the SafteyPassPro is the SHIT and if you drive a truck why you should not be with out one. Check out there site, FasterTruck.com for more information.


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